It’s no surprise that social media channels are getting awfully crowded.

While it’s fun for consumers to have so much access to so news, sports, weather, politics, and any other interest, it does make it a challenge for brands to get noticed.

Sure, companies with unlimited social media marketing budgets can get their message without much fuss, but the rest of us need to put a better strategy to make sure we’re using our time, people, and dollars wisely.

If you’re not entirely sure how social media marketing works, or if you’re still using best practices from five years ago, it’s time to put in the effort to figure out new strategies. These include:

  • Know your audience – and what channels they like the most. Yes, some of your customers may be on several channels, and just about everyone is on Facebook, which has become a key general site. But some people who have quit Facebook may still be prospective customers, so you can try to find out where they went. For instance, business-to-business clients might be found on LinkedIn vs. Snapchat.
  • Include visuals. Much social media marketing research has shown that posts with photos, memes, logos or graphics are noticed easier and more likely to be shared, no matter what channel you’re on. Though you may have an important message, it may not get seen as well if it’s just text.
  • Watch your analytics. It’s easy to dive too deep into details about how many people are seeing and responding to your pages or posts. But it could be an easy way to experiment to see what kinds of posts get more responses, and what kind of interaction you get. Are people commenting? Are people clicking through to a link? Are people purchasing?
  • Plan your posting. Coming up with a schedule of topics to post and channels for the next few weeks or months is a smart way to increase interest. You also don’t have to worry about staff sitting around trying to figure out what to say for hours.

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