It seems that everywhere you turn these days, savvy marketers are talking about content marketing. Content marketing is neither magic nor a mystery. Rather, it is simply the practice of using relevant information to expand each business’s audience, build brand attractiveness and loyalty, and ultimately to drive leads that result in sales.

Why is Content Marketing Essential to B2B Success?

Content Marketing is essential because:

  • Informative content that demonstrates that each business offers what a buyer is looking for will attract buyers. In fact, buyers expect that information.
  • It has proven to be more effective and more affordable than traditional marketing programs.
  • It is efficient in targeting the right person with the right information.
  • It increases the ability of a business to communicate with a wide variety of buyers.
  • Producing fresh content helps each business gain exposure.

The Content Marketing Trends to Use in B2B Marketing

Consider these important B2B content marketing trends:

  • Customers today expect information that is relevant to them, not to the world in general. So, tailoring that information will create a warm lead instead of feeling like a “cold call.”
  • Long-form content. B2B buyers are looking for more information than a short article can provide, and shorter articles tend to have a shorter lifespan. Many B2B articles today are trending above 1,000 words.
  • Influencer marketing. This approach which has a long use in consumer marketing now is seeing growing use in the B2B space using industry leaders and thought leaders.
  • Data analytics and automation. These tools help to improve the creation, curation, and distribution of content.
  • Employee advocacy. Using employees in content marketing makes a company feel more reliable, relatable, and authentic.
  • Video Marketing. Videos are easy to consume, desirable to share, more dynamic, and easy to comprehend.

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