Statistics show that well over half the revenue of most businesses comes from existing customers. For this reason, it is important to connect on a profound level with your target audience from the moment they arrive at your company’s landing page. Here are some tips that can help you accomplish this.

Make a Good First Impression

Potential customers will form a first impression of your company within seconds based upon your landing page. Be sure that the aesthetics are visually pleasing. Your brand design should remain consistent across your landing page and social media platforms. Once visitors begin to explore your site, they should find that every part of it works seamlessly. Test everything to ensure this. Additionally, create unique landing pages for diverse segments of your audience such as those that live in different cities.

Connect Emotionally

Establishing an emotional connection is an essential aspect of building brand loyalty in your customers. Find out what stirs them on an emotional level and manifest this on your landing page. If your audience becomes convinced that you understand them, they will not only remain loyal but also recommend your company to others.

Provide Contact Information

Potential customers need to know how to find you, so place your company’s contact information prominently on the landing page. If possible, include a toll-free number and a button through which visitors can initiate a live chat.

Include Audio

Audio content is becoming increasingly popular online. Be sure that your landing page has voice search enabled, and also offer podcasts that visitors can listen to.

Reward Loyalty

Creating a loyalty program that includes discounts and other perks helps ensure that customers return repeatedly to your brand. Highlight information about this program in a prominent position on your landing page so that visitors are immediately drawn to it. If customers get the impression that they will obtain rewards for interacting with you, they will be far more likely to remain loyal and to tell others about your business.