If you want to increase your revenues, you need to expand your exposure; one way to achieve this is through social media engagement. Social media engagement refers to any time or situation where you interact with your customers, consumers, and colleagues on social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Social Media is the new ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising tool that can garner you a following from across the globe for your brand or business.

Some tips for effectively increasing engagement on social media include:

Make the Time

The most important first step in increased engagement is to make time to do it. Sure, checking social media pages and responding to comments is time-consuming; consider delegating or hiring someone to strictly do that if time is an issue.

Stay Current

Always keep the content that you share current and relevant. Relate it to what is going on around you but try to avoid politics and religion or risk estranging some viewers or followers.

Quality Matters

Only use quality content and photos on your pages. If you don’t have access to such material, consider purchasing blog posts, articles, or images from online vendors to use on your social media pages.

Be Quick to Reply

Make a point to respond and react promptly with those that post or comment on your pages. This shows that you are monitoring the site and that it matters.

Go First

Not seeing much activity on your pages? Go ahead and make the first move by asking a broad question or posting a promotion or incentive to visit your site or store.

Find your Target

It is important that you know who your target audience is, and who will ultimately benefit from the product or service that you offer. This can also guide the way for your social media interaction and posts. When you know who your target consumer is, it is easier to entice and appeal to them online through content, campaigns, and offers.

Sometimes a little can go a long way; that is, engaging prospective customers online through social media is a win-win. First, you make the individual feel validated by responding to a comment, question, or complaint- and second, it shows others that you care to interact. This may earn you additional followers, friends, and patrons, which ultimately, benefits your bottom-line.

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