It’s frustrating to work hard on your email campaign, only to get poor results. Here’s how to sharpen up your email marketing and see success: 

  • Target a single person: Sending to a group means that many won’t even read it. When you send it to a single recipient, they are personally on the hook to respond. In addition, getting an email addressed directly to you implies more respect than if the identical email is sent to you and many others. As part of a group, the reader knows the email was not crafted “just for them” and it may not be relevant to them. It may not be worth their time to read.
  • Craft a compelling subject line: Like the headline of an article, or the title for a blog post, the email subject line must grab attention. Like a CTA (call-to-action) the subject line should tell “what’s in it for me” if I open your email. Emotional words may help, or use terms that suggest urgency. Convince the recipient it’s worth a few moments of their time to read your email.
  • Make questions and/or main points stand out: Readers will skim your email, but that’s a good thing because at least this means they have opened it, and they have not deleted it! Now, to get a response, use bullets or numbered lists. This avoids the daunting wall of text that is unappealing and time-consuming to read. This formatting makes your email’s main points or questions stand out.
  • Be direct: Jump right into your topic at the beginning of your email message, without much preamble (like we did at the beginning of this post). Don’t be conversational or take several lines to introduce your topic. If your question/topic requires a long lead-in or lengthy back story for context, you might want to call or talk in-person. Use the email merely to arrange that face-to-face meeting.

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