As a small business owner, you have probably taken on a lot of the responsibilities of running your company. As your company grows, you will face decisions about hiring in-house staff or outsourcing some of your work. For example, you need to decide whether you hire in-house marketing staff or work with a marketing agency. These are reasons you may choose to outsource your marketing efforts.

Marketing Requires Specialized Knowledge

You may have done some of your initial marketing, which has helped your business grow, but advertising your products for increased growth takes different skills. For example, you will have to gain PR, content management, SEO sales, social media, copywriting, and website development skills. Then, you need to build a comprehensive marketing plan that includes all these tools.

Once your plan is implemented, you need to be able to track and analyze your results. These efforts take a lot of time, especially if you haven’t engaged in them previously.

Working With an Agency Saves Money

If you hire an in-house marketing manager, you will need to pay for recruiting, training, salaries, and benefits as well as all the tools necessary to do the job well. Then, as your marketing staff creates and implements your advertising plan, you may experience many other unexpected costs.

When you outsource to a reputable marketing agency, you pay a specified rate and have access to individuals with many different types of skills and expertise. They often offer tracking and analysis services to ensure that the campaign is running smoothly and getting the results you want. In addition, the work you receive is high quality.

Your Health and Happiness Are Preserved

When you started your business, you probably spent well over 40 hours per week working. Temporarily, this excess work may have little impact on your physical and mental health, but over time, it can cause you to lose motivation and damage your health. For example, individuals who spend more than 40 hours at work every week for a long period are at much higher risk for diseases like coronary heart disease.

In addition, you place an unnecessary burden on yourself to learn new skills. Although learning new things is great for your mental health, not being able to fully commit to this learning because you have other things you need to do can impact the effectiveness of your tasks and make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. You are spending a lot of money on marketing, and you probably want the best results you can get for the least amount of money.

As your business grows, look into ways you can save money and improve your effectiveness through outsourcing, including working with a marketing agency.