The proliferation of digital platforms has made digital marketers rethink the strategies they use to reach their target market. Nearly 40% of social media users follow their favorite brands online, and their purchases are likely to be influenced by the content they see. Brands that try to appeal to everybody gets lost in the crowd, while those that identify and serve specific niches attract an engaged customer base.

Target audiences are the particular groups of people you intend to influence with your marketing content. These people have similar interests, like hobbies and values, and are most likely to purchase your products.

Why Should You Shape Target Audiences?

Defining target audiences will help you understand your ideal customer and their purchase habits. You can then personalize your marketing campaigns to the people who will relate the most to your brand. Identifying target audiences will help you make decisions like:

  • The tone and message of your marketing campaigns
  • The product features you will highlight
  • The keywords you will use on online platforms
  • The sites you will focus on
  • The kind of content you will create

How to Identify Your Target Audience

You can use the tactics below to hone in on your tribe:

Create a Reader Persona

If your brand is linked to a blog or website, you already know that solving your reader’s needs is one way of attracting traffic. When writing content, you should try and visualize your readers and speak directly to them.

Use details like gender, interests, career, personality, income, and location to build a reader profile. What are the challenges your audience faces? What problems are they looking to solve? You can then create content around these details and attract an enthusiastic audience.

Use Google and Social Media Analytics

Google Analytics is a reliable tool for assessing details about your audience. You can explore sections like age, location, gender, and lifestyle. The analytics will help you understand who is visiting your website and how much time they spend on different pages.

Social analytics will measure your audience’s engagement and build a visitor profile, and you will identify where your content is performing well.

Ask Questions

Platforms like Instagram have polls that you can use to pick the brain of your ideal customer. You can integrate questions in your marketing strategies as well, like including them in email lists. Quora is an excellent platform for reviewing feedback, and you can establish yourself as a brand leader in your industry.

Is your message reaching the right audience? Contact the marketing experts at MGA Digital Marketing to help you shape your target audience and create successful marketing campaigns.