Bigger isn’t always better, especially where an email list is concerned.

You can have an extensive collection of emails, but the recipients may not necessarily be excited to receive your messages. In a worst-case situation, if they don’t remember registering, they can report you as spam which could complicate future mailings.

So the key is to focus on growing a better email list not just a bigger email list, one that has quality current and potential customers who are excited to learn about your company and new promotions.

Getting there is harder than randomly gathering names, but the payoff and return on your investment will be more rewarding.

Consider these strategies for effective email list management and better list growth:

Make it fun by offering a small incentive for everyone who provides their name.

  • Offer a larger prize chosen randomly from everyone who registers during a certain period.
  • Connect email registration with social media, such as Facebook Connect.
  • Encourage referrals by offering gifts to users who invite and convince others to sign up. These can be progressive, with a larger prize for every five or 10 confirmed names.
  • Focus on outreach, such as sponsorship of a community event or festival. Not only will your company be seen and mentioned but you may have the opportunity to set up a booth to collect names there.
  • Develop partnerships with local/regional entertainment or sports organizations. They can promote your business at games or performances and you can add to your email list.
  • Spread the word on all of your channels. Describe advantages for signing up for your email list on your site, your social media, and anywhere else you have an online presence.
  • Search Facebook apps for some that can allow users to easily submit photos, but only if they share their email first.
  • Invite people to share their email after they engage in an activity related to your business that ends positively. Perhaps it could be watching a video or playing a simple game.

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