PPC ads can be a great marketing tool, yet individual ads sometimes fail to live up to expectations. If that is happening to any of your business’s ads, the following strategies can help improve their performance and redirect your budget toward methods that work.

Review Settings

Never assume that an ad’s default settings will work for what you need. For example, if you want to target potential customers in a specific region, then you’ll likely need to adjust your ads to do so.

Check Your Keywords

As pointed out by businessman and advertising expert Jeff Bullas, choosing the right keywords is one of the most important parts of PPC advertising. Bullas recommends regularly reviewing performance reports that reflect how each keyword is performing. He also suggests regularly tweaking your bidding strategy for each one to keep your bids optimal. Additionally, pausing keywords that are not performing well can let you reprioritize your marketing dollars.

Research Your Competitors

You can also spruce up poorly performing ads by researching what your competitors are doing. For instance, once you know the nature of a competitor’s ads, who they’re targeting, and what they’re spending, you can make adjustments. Typically, you’ll want to either dedicate enough resources to target the same audience well or go with a different approach so that you’re not spinning your wheels.

Not sure how to start this process? PPCHero has put together a list of helpful tools with which you can perform competitor research.

Regularly Perform Audits

It’s important to regularly audit your PPC accounts. This should occur annually, if not more frequently, and it should also occur whenever you take over an account from someone else. Audits are critical because platforms like Google Ads regularly update their features and rules, meaning what worked well 12 months ago may not necessarily be the best approach today.