A remarketing campaign can be the most important tool to reaching your potential customers online. Reaching out to those who have already interacted with you is one of the best ways to spend your marketing budget, because you’re keeping brand awareness fresh in these consumers’ minds and you’re strengthening your relationship with them.

Remarketing Allows You to Tailor Your Message

Once a potential customer has engaged with you in some way, you can use a remarketing campaign to make sure you’re getting your message across. With the average customer, it’s going to take more than one engagement to create a sale. It’s important to keep your brand fresh in the consumer’s mind overtime.

How to Remarket

To remarket, you must overlay audience data from your website and social media platforms with the data you pull from search campaigns. Combine this with targeting capabilities and you can pinpoint who you should be narrowing your efforts towards. The capabilities of targeting allow you to narrow keywords so that you can dial in on who you’re reaching.

Creating Remarketing Campaigns

When you create a remarketing list, you can set a membership duration time frame, or lookback window. This is the measure of how long a person’s cookies remain in your marketing list. Don’t just leave this set to the default. Create your lookback window based on the purchase or lead generation cycle. Your lookback window should also change based on what type of campaign you’re running. For awareness campaigns, set a longer window. For lead generation campaigns, look at the product purchase cycle and set it a bit higher.

Create Targeted Audience List

Once you have a good understanding of your purchase cycle, you can create audience lists based on those steps. Create a map of this data where you document the steps in the purchase journey and how you track that step. Based on the customer’s onsite actions, you can assign them to a different phase in the purchase journey and better target your remarketing to reach them.

Adjust Messaging Based on Keywords

Once you know the length of time you’ll be running your remarketing campaign for and where your consumer is in the purchase journey, you need to know what keywords to use in order to message properly. Shift consumer messaging based on the keywords used when searching and where they are in the purchase cycle. Customize your ad copy based on where the customer is in the purchase journey, as well as pricing and current offers available.

When it comes to a remarketing campaign, analyzing and understanding your data is so important. Without data, you’re just spinning your wheels.