For a long time, link building has been an integral aspect of an online marketing strategy. For this reason, many marketers became over-zealous with their link building, prompting algorithm updates from search engines. Links remain important components of your SEO efforts, but you also need to emphasize having superlative content and implementing indirect methods of referring potential customers to your online presence. Here are some effective methods of improving your rankings in search results via indirect link building.


Sometimes customers feel overwhelmed by the number of similar options for products and services. They also tend to be suspicious of unfamiliar businesses. Reviews from consumers similar to themselves build an atmosphere of trust. Positive reviews are best, of course, but don’t be dismayed if your company is given an occasional negative report. As long as you respond promptly and attempt to mitigate the difficulty, consumers will respect your business.


Mentions refer to businesses and individual consumers bringing up your company name online in a positive way. Every mention increases the online visibility of your brand. Similar to mentions are citations, in which your company’s information is listed on business websites. These listings do not always carry direct links, but they allow search engines to recognize your brand and acknowledge it in searches.

Interacting on Social Media

The ubiquity of social media in modern society makes it necessary for businesses to utilize it. Social media allows you not only to promote your products and services through advertisements but also to communicate one on one directly with consumers. In this way, you build links of personal relationships with interested consumers that can turn into regular customers.

Working with Influencers

Influencers are online personalities who are popular with the consumers that you are attempting to reach. Endorsements from influencers will encourage potential customers to check out your products and services. Whether or not the endorsement carries a direct link, interested people will be more likely to make the effort to seek out your brand.

In conclusion, continue to build direct links to your company’s online presence, but also use these indirect means of making consumers aware of your products and services.