Marketing via email has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation, but companies are still spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this form of marketing because it works. However, these are a few tips to help you improve your customers’ responses to your email marketing efforts.

Personalize the Emails

A generic email will not typically provide you with the response you are looking for. Each email should be personalized. It will take a little longer to set them up, but minor changes can have a significant impact. For example, use first names in the subject line, provide data in the content and use a call to action that makes the process easier on the customer.

Make Them Conversational

Email is a communication channel, and when it is used correctly, it can help you build relationships with your customers. The first key to effective marketing is to make your emails conversational. The text should be written as if you are speaking with friends. Therefore, instead of using hard-selling calls to action, consider requesting their thoughts or asking for a replay. Ask open-ended questions, but make the email about the customer. You should discuss how you can help them with common problems, but keep your focus on the customer.

Build Mobile-Friendly Emails

Today’s consumers check their emails on many different devices. In addition, most individuals will delete an email that doesn’t show up properly. Therefore, you need to ensure that they can get your emails no matter what type of device they are using. Your email content should be eye-catching and mobile-optimized.

Provide a Webinar

Webinars are common email marketing strategies. These customers are typically interested in your webinar topic, but it takes time to choose and register for the webinar. This process encourages your customers to delete the email. Therefore, you must find ways to shorten the process.

Instead of having your clients click a link, search through your webinar series and fill out the paperwork, have them hit a “reply” link that automatically connects them. You can get them registered automatically, so they can enjoy the content quickly.

Avoid a “No Reply” Email Address

If your customers can’t get right to a real person, they may be encouraged to delete your email. Therefore, rather than using an email that cannot receive replies, choose to use a real person’s email. You can only encourage dialog and interaction if there are people on both ends. You can implement bots to handle common inquiries, even if you send the emails from a real person’s email.

Enjoy a greater response level when you customize and personalize your email marketing campaigns.