Personalization in digital marketing is vital today, but many organizations struggle here. Sure, email is easy enough to personalize, but how do you integrate personalization efforts with things like social media marketing, retargeting, and all the rest?

1. Develop Personas

One of the most critical things for any organization to do is to develop accurate buyer personas. Know your audience, know each segment of it, and create a persona to fit so you can create tailored content.

2. Collect Information

With your personas in hand, you now need to create ways to collect information about your customers so that you can flesh out your image of them and ensure that you’re marketing to them with the right persona.

3. Intelligent Content

Once you’ve built a better image of your customer, you can begin marketing to them directly. Use their actual name in emails and other content. Create customized content based on their interactions with your company, and use pre-filled forms with their information to simplify processes.

4. Use Triggered Content

Another way to ensure personalization in your marketing efforts is to send content when triggered by a customer action. For instance, if a customer browses your products but doesn’t buy, it could trigger a coupon to be sent to them.

5. Retargeting

Also called remarketing, retargeting show ads to your customers while they’re visiting other websites, helping to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

6. Geolocation Matters

Finally, make sure you’re using geolocation capabilities in your personalization efforts. From showing them the nearest store to their location to finding products locally, this can help you stand out from the crowd.

These are just a few of the ways that personalization can help you succeed. For more information or assistance with your strategy development or deployment, contact MGA Digital Marketing.