Traditionally, content publishers have been encouraged to promote only current posts on their sites, blogs and social media, with the intent that every item is fresh and original, can educate people and get readers excited to learn more or buy something.

This approach moves older posts further down the page, where they get less attention. Although some people focus on purging and deleting posts past a certain date in order to appear fresh and timely, Internet experts suggest “keep them all” or at least posts that can still be relevant to modern readers/visitors.

Even older pages may show up in user searches for certain topics or keywords. Having visitors to your “classic posts” can boost your overall total traffic and invite people to stay on your site longer. Have people stay on your site longer. Your past posts also can still be shared through social media just as easily as your current ones, adding to the pool of knowledge and expertise that  you and your company want to present to audiences.

If you’re considering activating or at least dusting off your past pages, keep these strategies in mind.

Give them a closer look. Even though it may have been a popular pages in the past, it may not meet your current standards or Google’s SEO formulas. So look for spelling or grammar errors; structure, such as headings; or whether any inbound or outbound links still function.

New links. Are there any other sites you like or appropriate references that have appeared since you wrote the original post? This could be useful news sites that discuss the topic or internal pages within your site that discuss the same topic.

Consider testing. If a page didn’t get a lot of traffic in the past, consider rewriting the headline or changing around the keywords. This won’t necessarily alter the message/content substantially, but could get a different response from search engines this time around.

Include redirects. Look for ways for similarly-themed pages to all connect to one central page which can be  

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