One of the good and bad things about email marketing is you’re able to get all the analytics and know how many or how few people are opening your messages.

Don’t feel bad though – a low percentage of emails opened can present you the opportunity to look closer at what you’re writing and how you’re presenting it. There are easy modifications that should turn around your email click rate.

Certainly content is important, but part of the email landscape, and why it still is a popular digital media, is how it’s packaged and shared. Your audience is important too – because people get so many emails, many recipients can make decisions in seconds whether to open a specific message, skim past it or delete entirely. Some browser programs are also better at weeding out emails that look spammy, which makes it even more crucial that your emails instantly connect with your audience.

Some of these strategies can include:

  • Look at the day and time. Certain days of the week are guaranteed to have a bigger ‘inbox’ than others when people may have more time to browse or catch up. Various research has shown than Thursdays seem to be an ideal day for a high open rate, and Tuesday for click-through rates. Monday morning might have a lot of competition for attention.
  • Include graphics. Email programs can include small low-res graphics that can get people’s attention and break up walls of text. This is a good visual strategy and ideal for people who may not want to take the time to read the whole thing but skim highlights.
  • Shorter is better. Brief subject lines and headlines are generally more appealing than longer messages. Though there’s no official right or wrong number, many suggest seven words is an ideal figure.
  • Plan ahead. When it’s busy, it’s easy to go from one project to the next. But taking a moment to study your email rates over time – especially if you experiment with keywords, tone, and subject lines – can make patterns more apparent.

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