Is your company preparing to do an overhaul of the current website? If so, there are several principles of good website redesign that you’ll want to follow. Your company website is likely one of the first places many of your prospective customers may get in touch with you or learn more about your business, so crafting a welcoming, easily navigable website is of the utmost importance. Even if your company isn’t hiring a graphic design professional or can’t afford to make too many changes to the current site, you should still make sure to implement these tips for a successful website update.

Change the Layout of Your Tabs and Text To Make the Site More User-Friendly

If customers get frustrated with your website, they’re much more likely to click out and never visit again. That’s why having a navigable, user-friendly site layout is so important. If your current layout is confusing and different pages are hard to find, this should be at the top of your redesign to-do list. Change the layout of your tabs as needed, move your text to logical and easy-to-find places and make every small design change with user-friendliness in mind.

Implement Professional Branding Throughout the Website

As your company’s internet ambassador, your website should represent who you are as a business and incorporate elements of your branding. This is a great opportunity to market yourself while projecting a professional image, so be sure to incorporate, for example, company colors, logos, mottos and more in a tasteful yet impactful way. For example, if your company uses a certain font in typical marketing materials, be sure to use that same font throughout the website for brand consistency.

Choose Color Themes and Graphics Designed To Draw Attention

Unfortunately, dull corporate websites are a dime a dozen. If your website manages to draw attention via unique color themes and other graphics while still appearing professional, you’re more likely to get clicks! Experiment with different color schemes to find the one that makes your website stand out.

Your corporate website is one of the first locations many of your customers interact with your business, so making a strong first impression is important. If you need to redo your website but aren’t sure how to make it better, simply follow these key principles of successful website redesign. By making the site more user-friendly, implementing professional branding and using attention-grabbing color schemes, you can craft a highly impactful company website.