Online advertising is big and growing for business and it’s here to stay! In fact, some businesses spend as much as 60% of their annual advertising budget on digital ad programs—most of that spent with the giants: Google (including YouTube,) Facebook (including Instagram,) and Amazon.

For those who haven’t “seen the light” for today’s marketing, these important advantages suggest quick adoption:

  • Online advertising drives quick relevant traffic to your website.
  • Getting brand awareness, even with bigger competitors, is achievable.
  • Even small budgets can produce great results due to targeting.
  • Results can be tracked to guide effective spending.
  • Data allows the business to analyze and act on customer behavior.

Alternative Options for Online Advertising

Online advertising has grown rapidly and is expected to reach over $900 billion by 2025. The main options continue to be Google, Facebook and Amazon. However, there are meaningful alternatives:

  • Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads.) Microsoft, though smaller in reach than Google, still reportedly achieves 5.5 billion monthly searches. Due to less competitive pressure, Microsoft ads cost less and often see higher page placement, compared to Google.
  • LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn is a significant producer of B2B leads because the platform focuses on professional networking and career growth.
  • Twitter Ads. Twitter is like Facebook in that the platform enables users either to promote tweets or launch native ad-styled campaigns.
  • Reddit Ads. This is a smaller platform, focused mainly on millennial and Gen-Z age groups, but it still achieves more than 330 million monthly users. The platform uses discussion-based threads.
  • Pinterest Ads. Pinterest is focused on categories like home décor, lifestyle, and travel and has over 300 million users. Its photo-friendly design is great for aspirational uses.
  • Two other worthy considerations are Yelp and StumbleUpon.

Seek Expert Online Advertising Assistance

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